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Hey there, I’m DJ Alize. I’m an DJ working and living in New York City.


Queens native DJ Alize is a rising star in the hip-hop music world. He brings an unparalleled skill and technical ability to blend, scratch and create. DJ Alize has rocked many venues in his time, from the small to large. He can move any crowd with his genre-defining and eclectic mixes, timely song dropping and mic skills. 


As a native son of Queens, DJ Alize has been influenced by some of the legendary DJs from his borough, as well as those from such unexpected places as Rochester, NY, where he was able to continue to master his DJ skills while attending college.


At a young age, DJ Alize became interested in music after watching a family friend play some of his favorite songs at a small gig, which, at that point, he would otherwise listen to on Saturdays with his mother. As hip hop started to slowly infiltrate his world and he began listening to a variety of established and emerging DJs on the radio and paying attention to various mix tapes, DJ Alize began to take his pursuit increasingly seriously.  In his junior year of high school, a childhood friend got some DJ equipment and DJ Alize first began practicing.


 He got his real start in his freshman year of college after he purchased his own equipment and began honing his craft in his dorm room. Two Technic 1200s, a Gemini Scratch Master mixer and some Radio Shack speakers constituted his setup. During this ‘vinyl era’ of mixing, DJ Alize devoted himself to traveling city- and state-wide to find the next big record, and dig through the crates for overlooked or forgotten gems.


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After filling out his repertoire, DJ Alize started doing school-sponsored parties at his college before expanding to organizing his own house parties with the help of another local DJ.  As time went on, they expanded their thriving base to various local bars, venues, and colleges in and around the Upstate NY area.


Around this time, DJ Alize took the next step and entered the mix-tape game, mixing together several critically regarded and highly anticipated mix tapes.  These mix tapes helped to bring his name to the forefront of the scene and establish him as a well respected DJ both locally and internationally.  Through his mix tapes, DJ Alize has broken new artists, ushered in established artists’ next hits and pioneered a style and sound that is unique to him. Additionally, DJ Alize has created remixes to some popular songs, with the remixes catching the ears of both the artists and listeners globally.


Currently, DJ Alize finds himself DJ'ing on Impact Radio from 6pm EST to 10pm EST every Saturday, displaying his skills, playing some of the biggest records in hip-hop, r&b, reggae while also breaking new records and breaking new artists. When DJ Alize is not on the radio you find him in clubs, lounges and other events. Whatever comes next, DJ Alize plans to keep experimenting and expanding his game, tightening and revolutionizing the sound that has already won him the respect of fans and fellow artists worldwide.


Peace OUT,

DJ Alize